Bling Bling Antler Video: Spiritual Currency Version

Bling Bling Antler Video – Spiritual Currency version

There are 2 versions of the Bling Bling Antler Video,
the Spiritual Currency version (above) & the Cree Prosperity version.
Both can be exhibited as gallery installation version.
This Spiritual Currency version can also be screened at festivals.

The soundtrack of both versions feature ‘Hustle & Sparkle’ beat by DaShawn
+ sound mix & Plains Cree words spoken by Jude Norris.
The Spiritual Currency version above features audio samples from
‘Currency of Connection’ group coaching/teleseminar series by Nogie King.

also see the Bling Bling antler sculptures:
Bling Bling Antler 1 2011/2012 rhinestones on white tail deer antler.
Bling Bling Antler 2 2012 (in process) swarovski crystals on white tail deer antler.
Both sculptures are part of the antler series



Plains Cree words spoken by Jude Norris:

kaskihowin success, Being able to succeed
miyopayowin a success or having good luck
pîsâkopayowin the act of being plentiful or in abundance
wêyôtisiwin wealth
metoni mistahi abundance; very much
ahkameyimoh try harder (command)
pakitinam allow
mamisîwin trust
wêyôtan it is rich; it is in abundant supply; it is a wealthy time
nitataminan I am grateful

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