antler series


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See the Bling Bling antler videos here.

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  • antler series

    In this series, I’ve embellished, adorned and repositioned antlers, turning these ‘organic weapons’ into art objects. This is a way of focusing on their sophisticated aesthetic and sensual beauty, and on the relationship and balance between the masculine and feminine. I’ve approached the creation of this series as a collaboration with (male) individuals from the Deer, Moose, and Caribou Nations, whom I consider to be great artists.

    The first works in this series have affirmations handwritten over their surface. This writing refers to the healing impact of both subconscious de/reprogramming and painstaking, arduous or ritualistic activity. The visually chanted English words follow and become part of each antler's 'landscape', playing on the need for a more empathetic relationship with the natural world. There is further wordplay in the poetry of the statements themselves, adding another level to the popular new age exercise of creating affirmations.

    The wall mounted, ‘coded’ antlers in the series display words from our Plains Cree tipi pole teachings, where each pole has a word associated with it, representing a cultural value. On each antler, one of these words has been translated into binary code, then handwritten over the antler’s surface. Binary code is both a contemporary (computer technology), and a very ancient (African divination) language. All ones and zeros, its geometric form takes on a ‘tribal’ look when written by hand.
    Taking something so heavily associated with Western digital technology and (re)infusing it with an organic quality becomes an entwined act of wry/playful decolonization or ‘reverse appropriation’ with an emphasis on the relationship between nature technology.


  • bling bling antler videos

    bling bling antler - sculpture by contemporary Canadian First Nations artist Jude Norris

    Also see the Bling Bling Antler Videos. Both are PURE VIDEO INSTALLATION


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