Bling Bling Antler Video: Cree Prosperity Version

Bling Bling Antler Video – Cree Prosperity Version

There are 2 versions of the Bling Bling Antler Video,
the Cree Prosperity version (above) & the Spiritual Currency version.
Both can be exhibited as gallery installations.
The Spiritual Currency version (click here), which can also be screened at festivals.

The soundtrack of both versions feature ‘Hustle & Sparkle’ beat by DaShawn
+ sound mix & Plains Cree words spoken by Jude Norris.
The Spiritual Currency version features audio samples from the
‘Currency of Connection’ group coaching/teleseminar series by Nogie King.

also see the Bling Bling antler sculptures:
Bling Bling Antler 1 2011/2012 rhinestones on white tail deer antler.
Bling Bling Antler 2 2012 (in process) swarovski crystals on white tail deer antler.
Both sculptures are part of the antler series



Plains Cree words spoken by Jude Norris:

kaskihowin      success, Being able to succeed
miyopayowin     a success or having good luck
pîsâkopayowin   the act of being plentiful or in abundance
wêyôtisiwin     wealth
metoni mistahi  abundance; very much
ahkameyimoh     try harder (command)
pakitinam       allow
mamisîwin       trust
wêyôtan         it is rich; it is in abundant supply; it is a wealthy time
nitataminan     I am grateful

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