Natura Directus et Delectabilis

  • Natura Directus et Delectabilis

    Natura Directus et Delectabilis is a series featuring seeds, vines & other media gathered from nature and positioned in simple & repetitive formations to create minimalist sculpture or installations. The series includes both freestanding & wall mounted pieces.
    Like most of Jude's work, these dynamic pieces can be enjoyed both on a purely visual level, and for the layers of meaning, knowledge and symbolism they contain, and the cross-cultural navigation they embody.

    Placing these natural materials in stacks, bundles and rows emphasizes and celebrates the beauty and grace of their forms. By giving this particular kind of concentrated attention to and placement of these organic objects, the artist expresses the close traditional Indigenous relationship with the natural world in a contemporary way that is both playful and reverent. The serious/sardonic is further combined in her referencing of Western sculptural history via her 'Natura' media's simplistic arrangements, which are borrowed directly from minimalism.

    There is yet another dialogue contained within the gathering and placement of these earth-produced objects. As with other series, these works also contain an awareness of historical Native American understanding of the artist as healer, and an exploration of how that role may or may not apply in contemporary society. Along with her arts practice and work, the artist considers the natural materials of the sculptures to be 'medicine' (a First Nations term for something having power and/or healing qualities). The 'medicine' in her pieces is gathered and prepared for use just as traditional plant medicine and/or foods have been for thousands of years. Yet in the environment of the contemporary arts, their medicine/potential shifts and changes, and in the process questions and re/posits the relationship of the artist within postmodern and postcolonial society and communities.

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