self-portrait in revolutions


self-portrait in revolutions (clip)
1’20 min non-linear video loop. Maximum screen dimensions 14″ (diagonal)


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  • self-portrait in revolutions 2007

    A small monitor is placed within the gallery wall or a wall of fabric. The monitor shows a video self portrait in which I’m spinning in endless revolutions.

    This piece was inspired by a woman I saw while I was driving one summer afternoon ‘back home’ in Edmonton. There are amazing thunderstorms there almost every day in the summer. During one of these quick storms, I looked down a side street to see this Native woman out on the sidewalk, spinning around with her face turned up to the rain. Her image and spirit stayed with me and transformed into this artwork.

    The ‘revolution’ in the title is obviously a play on words that can be incorporated into the meaning of the piece. My endless revolutions are also an ode to the circularity and movement inherent to all tribal cultural understandings of life. Circular movement is recognized in different cultures around the world as being sacred, and this piece symbolizes and celebrates that. Its like my own human prayer wheel.

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