Diary of a Nomad

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  • Diary of a Nomad 2007

    Video triptych with three digital video loops with ambient locational sound. Each video loop is approx 30 min. Each screen size = approx 5 x 5'.

    This work uses a variety of projected, often dispirit, panoramas, lovingly collected during the artist's 'migratory cycles' between urban and rural, hi and low tech, indigenous and immigrant, etc, environments. The imagery is projected onto three perpendicular screens, hung like three sides of an open square.

    The screens create a room within a room, softer than its container, who’s pointedly portable form explores the gallery as a culturally influenced ‘chamber of experience’ and the transitory and malleable nature of not only these, but all, experience. The 3 screen antechamber is also a nomadic 'soft architecture', aligned with traditional Indigenous plains homes.

    These digital landscapes express multiple art history & cultural dialogues. They are at once a celebration of the land, and an exploration of both Western landscape traditions. They also reflect how post-modern technologies and attitudes affect and/or are translated into an inherently nomadic cultural approach to sustenance, lifestyle, and survival.

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