Tender Trading Tipi

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  • Tender Trading Tipi 1993

    Performed at Exploding Cinema Event at Brixton Public Swimming Baths, London, UK

    A durational performance, lasting from dusk until dawn, interacting directly with a film and arts audience. I erected a small, muslin & plastic covered tipi on the deck of the outdoor swimming pool where the event took place, and opened for ‘trade’ with the public. The little tipi was illuminated with the blue light of a small tv. People could come into the tipi, one by one, and trade me two kisses in exchange for a mirror pendant. The first kiss left my very red lipstick on their mouths. I wore a mirrored mask, so as a person kissed me, they same fragments of themselves reflected on my face. For the second kiss they had to remove a band-aid of their choice from my body (I was in a bathing suit), and kiss the place where it had been. Throughout the night I was symbolically, affectionately, flirtatiously & playfully transformed from ‘wounded’ to ‘healed’. By morning, the event space was a-twinkle with the reflections from everyone’s mirror pendants