Mixed-Blood Buffalo Ball Gown/Red Carpet


Mixed Blood Buffalo Ball Gown wearable art by Contemporary First nations artist Jude Norris

Mixed Blood Buffalo Ball Gown 1997 – acrylic on taffeta gown


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  • Mixed Blood Buffalo Ball Gown

    A multi-media symbolic welcome for the return of Buffalo Nation, ‘Red Carpet’ began with the creation of the ‘Mixed-Blood Buffalo Ball Gown’, a taffeta ball gown adorned with hand-painted ledger style buffalo. The cream colored dress is painted with red so that it appears half red & half white. Many small red ledger style buffalo emerge from the red half of the dress, bound across the white half, and disappear into the red again.

    In the performance, ‘Red Carpet’, I wore the Buffalo Ball Gown while hand-painting the same small ledger art style buffalo as ‘graffiti’ around the city of Toronto. During this period I also painted a larger ‘Red Carpet’ wall mural at a performance art event held in a large abandoned building, also in Toronto. The mural had many of these red buffalo galloping amongst numerous cars. These painting actions were documented and the footage and dress were later exhibited together.

    I have more recently reworked the original hand-painted templates for the Buffalo Ball Gown and created a digitally painted Ledger Style Red Buffalo Mural. It is available on my sister website as a large-scale, limited edition giclee printed painting on canvas or paper (click artwork title for link).

    The graffiti element of ‘Red Carpet’ is an ongoing project that I have plans to continue in other locations, both urban and rural.

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