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I love ny - multimedia installation by Canadian First Nations artist Jude Norris
I love ny Indigenous Metropolis/Immigrant Wilderness series



self portrait in alternation between ascension & decent - video installation by contemporary Canadian First Nations artist Jude Norris
self-portrait in alterNation between ascension & descent



forgiving antler - multimedia sculpture by contemporary First Nations artist Jude Norris
forgiving antler antler series



a horse called Memory video still - from experimental video short by contemporary Canadian First Nations artist Jude Norris
a horse called Memory – video still (Weegusk)



'toxic soil' live artwork for video (video still) - performance art by contemporary Plains Cree artist Jude Norristoxic soil



Red Breath ('no blood for oil' tipi graffiti) - live artwork by contemporary Plains Cree artist Jude Norris
Red Breath






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  • Quotes

    “Although Norris’ materials point to traditional Aboriginal art & craft, her sly incorporation of non-traditional elements - a shopping cart, television monitors and felt-tipped pens - acknowledge that Aboriginal traditions are alive and are constantly growing to incorporate new elements….

    … This video, like much of the work in this exhibition, has a ‘nothing special’ quality that captivates me - somehow nothing special is special. In the work, each moment feels endless, like you have all the time in the world. You are not being pushed forward by a narrative; you can stop and rest in the moment…

    … She turns the antlers upside down, literally and figuratively. No longer somber, bleached remains, bright color transforms them into fanciful creatures, balancing on their points, ready to jump off their pedestals..”

    Sandee Moore
    ~ C Magazine

  • “I have been watching Ms. Norris’s career for a number of years and have been viewing her work in my capacity as a filmmaker and as a festival programmer. Over time I have seen her work delve into concepts such as memory, cultural diaspora, primary and secondary orality and positive appropriation. Her work in these areas has advanced the scope and the realm of Canada’s critical contemporary Indigenous art practices. I also believe that Ms. Norris has and will continue make a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural landscape.”

    Murray Jurak
    ~ President of Director General Films & Dreamspeakers Film Festival

  • “What an interesting way of explaining one’s relationship to the city and to one’s community! As always, Jude approaches her projects with a very fresh outlook and skillful manner.”

    Michele Svenson
    ~ SNMAI Film & Video Center Project
    Manager (re 'a horse called Memory' experimental video short)

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