In exhibition these two videos play side by side on perpendicular walls.
Please watch both videos simultaneously & in sync.
They should start together automatically.



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  • bichambers 2007

    video diptych composed of two projections positioned in a corner, with the projected images perpendicular to one another.
    dimensions variable with each projection minimum 7'
    11 minutes, colour

    Bichambers combines footage of two locations (both part of various locations and homes of my 'nomadic cycle' and my visual repertoire. Also included in Diary of a Nomad) - the old growth forest in Elk Island Park on Vancouver Island, and the interior architecture of Chambers subway station in NYC.

    The projections are presented perpendicular to one another, a diptych, each projection containing different imagery of the two places fading into and out of each other. Careful and painterly framing and timing emphasize the beauty of the locations, and the artists attraction to each of these dispirit landscapes. Visually, Bichambers is very much a real-time ‘painting’.

    The combination of these two environments is a study in simultaneous visual, physical, locational and metaphorical contrast and similarity. The audio further emphasizes both the aesthetic and meanings of the work, with the sounds of each place becoming an ambient aural symphony accompaniment to the imagery. In keeping with themes found in other works, the relationship between landscapes symbolically expand to speak to broader issues contained in colonial process, use and impact of of technology, and environmental issues.